ReqNay Terms & Conditions

ReqNay is intended to lend items (sustainable consumption of goods; or items that last more than once) from and to each other, whether or not for a fee. For clarity's sake, we use a few game rules.

ReqNay wants things to be used as optimally as possible. ReqNay is primarily intended for exchange between neighbors. We also make room for other parties that increase shared use. This may involve other sharing platforms, rental companies and manufacturers of durable goods. You may request a fee for the use of your belongings. We can, however, set special requirements for advertisements for commercial and / or commercial rental. If that is the case for you, we will inform you accordingly. If you do not meet these requirements, we may cancel your ads and / or your account.

ReqNay is personal, you are who you say you are. We respect your privacy (see also our privacy statement ). Keep your data up to date.

Contact with ReqNay neighbors

On ReqNay you communicate as you would in person, so no foul language, etc. ReqNay may intervene in public messages and / or remove them if they are indecent or against the law. Your messages are not encrypted and can be read by us, but only in case of complaints, for mediation in disputes or to improve the quality of service. We advise against discussing things via ReqNay messages that you see as very personal and / or confidential.

Dealing with things

You handle other people's items with care. Check together the condition of the items on loan and return. Communicate clearly about what you expect from the borrower / tenant (such as an empty dust bag or a full tank of gas).

You stick to the agreements you make with your neighbors, for example about collecting and returning items. If you do not return something or if it breaks, you must repair or replace it at your expense. Communicate that clearly to the other party. Use common sense and do not do things that you normally do not do. You are responsible for your own safety.

ReqNay is happy to help and support you in solving problems. However, we are not legally liable unless you can prove that we have acted intentionally or grossly negligently. For damage to your belongings you must be with the person who caused them.

Did you pay via the ReqNay payment function? Then you fall under the guarantee scheme. With this guarantee you can claim a reimbursement if problems arise with borrowing. Read more about this guarantee here .

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A Vacumm Cleaner found within 30 minutes at 800m, not bad for my first call.

Arun Singh

#Reqnay is really great: being able to borrow a high-pressure spray in 30 minutes, 1 street away!

Udit Tandon

Long live #Reqnay! Crazy medium.