About ReqNay

ReqNay is a small company with big goals. We believe in us and not just me.

By bringing people into contact and allowing them to share, we try to offer an alternative to the disposable culture. We are not holy beans. We believe that everything that is good can also be easy, fun and affordable. So good for the planet, good for your neighborhood and good for us is also good for you.


More than 20% of all CO2 emissions come from utensils. When we look at all the direct and indirect environmental effects, things are even the biggest culprit. Most items that people own are used less than 10% of the time. (Did you know that a drill is only used for 13 minutes in its entire life!)

ReqNay wants to reduce the negative impact of things by making sharing easier and more fun than buying. Moreover, you can save money by sharing and with ReqNay you have access to a lot of cool stuff. Because: Together we have more!

Privacy and conditions

With ReqNay you can borrow things from people in the neighborhood. For this we need certain information from you, such as your name, e-mail address and where you live.

You can read how it works in the privacy statement . You can find our terms and conditions here.

The nicest way to share stuff


We do not use 80% of our stuff more

often than once a month.


A social neighborhood is a cozy neighborhood!


Less waste, less emissions and less waste!

Not enough!

See whats your neighbors say about ReqNay..


A Vacumm Cleaner found within 30 minutes at 800m, not bad for my first call.

Arun Singh

#Reqnay is really great: being able to borrow a high-pressure spray in 30 minutes, 1 street away!

Udit Tandon

Long live #Reqnay! Crazy medium.